Westminster Cathedral London

Westminster Cathedral London

The Westminster Cathedral is the mother of all churches (Catholic) in England and Wales. It also enjoys the status of being the largest Catholic Church in England and Wales. At present it is the seat of the Archbishop of Westminster (1850). He died in the year 1865. It was in his memory that the plan to build a new cathedral was proposed. A fund was raised to collect the required amount of money. The land was acquired by Cardinal Manning, Wiseman’s successor, in 1884. Till then the land was occupied by the second Tothill Fields Bridewell prison.

Westminster Cathedral LondonIn 1895, finally the construction started, under the supervision of the third archbishop, Cardinal Vaughan. The chief architect was John Francis Bentley. When studied carefully, the architecture of Westminster Cathedral shows resemblance to Byzantine architecture. The church was not consecrated until 1910. More than 100 types of marble from all over the world have been used to build the interior. The exterior of the building exhibit red brick and Portland stone. Grand marble columns support the canopy over the high alters. The Byzantine mosaics are beautiful and appealing. None of these were completed when Bentley died in 1902, therefore these designs do not follow any fixed style. These were mostly done by devotees of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

The church is also famous for its world renowned music program. The choir is the best in the world. Today, Westminster Cathedral is one of the most popular tourist spots in England.

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