The Great Fire Monument London

The Great Fire Monument London

The year was 1666, September 2. It was a Sunday. An obnoxious fire began at a bakery which lasted almost for three days, took lives of several innocent people. Many properties were lost and general activities came to a halt. However, the structures, which were made of stone, remained.

the-Monument-to-the-Great-Fire-LondonIn 1671, London commissioned the building of a memorial to memorialize the great tragic event. Sir Christopher Wren who was a famous architect was chosen to design this monument. He was the General Surveyor to the Contemporary King, King Charles II. He was however assisted by Dr. Robert Hooke.

A single Doric column was decided for the design of the structure and the work was completed in 1677. Alike the Portland Stone an urn of flames is set on the top of the monument. The most interesting thing is that, the height of the monument is equal to that of the distance which could be measured from the particular site to the baker’s home from where the fire began. Just like the Shahid Minar of India has got a spiral staircase inside the column, the monument also contains a spiral staircase of 345 stairs in which the first 311 bring the visitors to enjoy an unmatched view of the city of London.

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