Serpentine Gallery London

Serpentine Gallery London

When you are in London, if you want to experience something new and different, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about it. This is mainly because of the fact that there are large numbers of galleries here in London, and each of these galleries can give you a completely new experience, like never before. The Serpentine Gallery is one unique gallery that you will find in London. You will really love to explore this gallery.

Contemporary Collections Of Art:
Some of the most contemporary collections of art are available in this gallery in London. Therefore, being a lover of art, this can also be a wonderful destination for you. In fact, here you will find art works from some of the most reputed artists like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and many more. You will simply be amazed to find the richness in the collection of these art pieces.

Wonderful View:
Serpentine Gallery LondonOnce you are within the gallery, you will really love to witness the wonderful view. Here you will find that the gallery is not only beautified by gardens, but in addition to that, the rich and natural light that enter through the windows of the gallery will simply refresh your mood and fill up your senses.

Open Air Cinema:
If you are interested in viewing open air cinema, you can come to the summer pavilion which is also located here within the gallery. Along with open air cinema, you will also find host of readings here. This will simply amaze you.

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