Russell Square London

Russell Square London

London’s borough of Garden’s one of the most beautiful, peaceful and green eye candy sites is Russell Square, located in Bloomsbury. Also Russel Square tube station is nearby to the north east. Russel Square contains large terraced house aimed mainly at upper middle class families. The name “Russel Square” was given by the dukes of Bed ford. Many world famous associations and personalities occupied many parts of Russel Square like the west are occupied by the University of London and T.S Eliot worked there in a blue plaque on one at the north west corner. In 1988,the London Mathematical Society moved from rooms in Burlington House to De Morgan House at 57-58 Russel Square.

Russell Square also attracts mind of children by it’s new design of a fountain with jets playing directly from pavement. Another aspect of Russel Square are distinctive buildings on the streets of London offering shelter for the drivers of handsome cabs and hackney carriages (taxi) since 1875. The Russell Square shelter is one of the thirteen shelters that still exist. All are now grade II listed buildings. RussellRussell Square London Square experienced even terrorists attack like bombings on 2005 on a London Underground Station and another was on a bus on Tavistok Square. The location is now marked with a small memorial plaque and a young oak.

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