Royal Mews London

Royal Mews London

The Royal Mews is located beside the Buckingham Palace. It is a mews (combined stables, carriage house and in recent times also the garage) of the British Royal Family. Till date the Royal Mews has occupied two sites, formerly at Charing Cross and the Buckingham Palace since 1820s. It is the headquarters for the department of the Royal Household. The Royal Household’s work is to provide transport by road via both motorcars and horse-drawn carriages for the Queen and other members of the family.

King George III had purchased the Buckingham Palace in 1760. Shortly after this the Royal Mews was established. Even today, in the twenty-first century when travelling by automobile is the norm these carriages hold equal importance. They are the mark of heritage. Till this date, they are used for special occasions by the members of the Royal Family.

royal mews londonIn the 1760s, after George III had purchased the Buckingham Palace, he moved some of his carriages to the grounds of Buckingham House for his wife’s use. But the ceremonial coaches and the carriages remained at the King’s Mews only. Then his son George IV converted Buckingham Palace into the royal residence in 1820. Therefore the whole stables establishment was moved from Charing Cross to Trafalgar Square. The current Royal Mews was built to the designs of John Nash. It was completed in 1825. The Royal Mews is a very popular site and is regularly open to the public. The most famous carriage owned by the Royal Fmaily is the ornate Gold State Coach. It is only used during coronations or very special occasions.

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