Royal Albert Hall London

Royal Albert Hall London

The Royal Albert Hall is a Grade I listed building. It was inaugurated in the March of 1871. This building is self sufficient and receives no funding from central or local government. It was Prince Albert’s vision that there would be a ‘Central Hall’ that would be located at the heart of the South Kesington estate. This building would serve the purpose of promoting Arts and Sciences. It has been in regular use since it was inaugurated. It not only houses music concerts but also exhibitions, public meetings, scientific conversations and award ceremonies.

The Royal Albert Hall was built in the memory of Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria and also official Prince Consort. The Hall was built to the designs of Captain Francis Fowke and Major-General H.Y. Daracott Scott. These designers were greatly influenced by the ancient architectures of Rome and Greece. In their designs we also find the resemblance of Gottfried’s Opera House, which is in Dresden.

Royal Albert Hall LondonThe Central Hall of Arts and Sciences” was the formerly decided name of the hall but Queen Victoria changed it to Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences. It was a tribute to her deceased husband and consort Prince Albert. What prompted Prince Albert to propose that a permanent series of facilities be built for the enlightenment of the public was the Great Exhibition. This exhibition was held in de Park, London in the year 1851,for which the Crystal Palace was built. Prince Albert did not live long enough to see his dreams coming true. He died in 1861.

Till date, the Royal Albert Hall has played host to over 15,000 different events, therefore given the nickname “The Nation’s Village Hall”. It is the pride of London.

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