Morden London

Morden London

If you ever get the opportunity to visit London, it is no doubt natural that you would like to visit some of the most popular attractions here. However, apart from the popular attractions, you should also try to visit some of the rare but beautiful attractions here in London.

For instance, if possible, you should try visiting Morden. Well, you might not have heard a lot about this place, but if you come here, you will really love it. This is a sea which is located at the southern end, and there are two beautiful islands that you will find here surrounding the sea.

The Two Islands:
Morden Hall ParkIt is not only the sea that you will love in Morden, but at the same time, the two islands of Mitcham and Merton are also something that will attract you to a great extent. It is a very old place, and since this area is not popularized, you will hardly find any tourists here. However, you can be assured that you will love to explore this difference in London. These islands are inhabited by many people currently, and the detached houses here will attract you.

Morden Hall Park:
The Morden Hall Park is also an interesting point to visit here. This hall is now converted into a restaurant, but you will find many historical values within the building of this hall. In addition to that of a restaurant, it has also been converted into a venue for different functions. The architecture of this place is also amazing.

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