Imperial War Museum London

Imperial War Museum London

London’s Imperial Museum was founded in 1917 in order to record the history of the Great war (WWI),along with the contributions of the people made for these two Great Wars. In 1920, the Act of Parliament opened the museum officially & it was initially located at the magnificent glass made building which was known as the Crystal Palace. In 1939 finally it was decided by the Trustees that the Museum will also include the artifacts of World War II & thus now the Museum covers the 20th century Great Britain.

imperial war museum londonThe museum covers the major incidents which took place during the time of the World War I & II but along with that it also covers the incidents which occurred in 1945.The Secret war exhibition has also been highlighted and it mainly focuses on the MI5 & MI6.However,a large part of the museum is not exhibited but it can be used for study purposes. The exhibition which exhibits the Nazi Persecution of Jews is not to be visited by the children under 14.

Museum Building
James Lewis was the famous architect who originally made the Museum Building which was mainly erected for the Bethlem Royal Hospital for insane. Later on the building’s large wings were demolished in order to beautify the place. But the central part remained & in 1939 it became the famous Imperial War Museum.

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